Greater Loss of Central Adiposity from Low-Carbohydrate versus Low-Fat Diet in Middle-Aged Adults with Overweight and Obesity 

V. Barry et al. Nutrients. 2021.


To determine whether middle-aged adults prescribed a low carbohydrate-high fat (LCHF) or low fat (LF) diet would have greater loss of central fat and effect insulin resistance (IR).


People were prescribed either LCHF diet without calorie restrictions or LF diet with caloric restriction for 15 weeks. 


After 15 weeks, people who were prescribed the LCHF diet loss more abdominal fat (22%) than those who were prescribed LF diet (15%). Also, if you were IR and prescribe LCHF diet you lost more abdominal fat than those IR people prescribed the LF diet. 


Great study that shows the benefits of LCHF vs LF diet. Increase in abdominal fat has consequences including higher risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. In 15 weeks, people loss up to 22% more abdominal fat with LCHF than those prescribed the LF diet (up to 15%). 

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